Faces of Mumbai police

These are the people who project the image of Mumbai police. Their achievemnets even out the misdeeds of their corrupt colleagues who are into contract killing and drug trafficking.

Each of them is worth crores for underworld. They are killers, but still sober; they are blood thirsty draculas, but still humane. They are DIRTY HARRYS.

This is police Commissioner Ranjit Singh Sharma. He had monitored around 170 encounter killings during his tenure as Joint Police Commissioner, Crime Branch. Most professional and studious officer, Mr. Sharma is a mobile encyclopydia. A tea-totaller, he is having his own personal home work and dossiers on not just main gangsters and criminals, but also on those who are even remotely connected with any illegal activity.

Pradeep Sharma; In-charge of Anti-extortion cell. He was most active under the captaincy of then Deputy Police Commissioner Dr. Satyapal Singh in establishing the Chhota Rajan gang in Mumbai. He has been known for giving jolts to the D-empire and the officers attached to the D-gang. The recent encounter of the three Lashkar-E-Toyba terrorists in western subrbs of Mumbai added ultimate feather to his cap.
Inspector Vijay Salaskar, has claimed the most quality wickets such as underworld don Amar Naik, Sada Pawale, Sadhu Shetty and many more. He is known for his studious approach.
He has faced the allegations of being on the pay roll of Chhota Shakeel. Also, there are enquiries against him in the narcotics related cases. But his efficiency is unmatched and concentration is unperturbed.

Prafulla Bhosale. The cleanest image among all the encounter specialists.
Joint Police Commissioner Dr. Satyapal Singh. The generator of the second force in the city police that challenged the D-empire and broke the D-monopoly in the department.

Inspector Ravindra Angre. During his tenure with Mumbai crime branch, he eliminated the dreaded Ashwin Naik gang. He set a record in arms seizure when hundreds of AK-47 and granades that were smuggled in at the time of Mumbai serial blasts were seized by him alone. The biggest ever arms haul in the history of Mumbai police. He was deputed to Thane diatrict for erasing the Manchekar gang that had been on the rampage. Suresh Manchekar himself fell pray to Angre's bullets in Kolhapur district on August 16th; Saturday. None of the encounter killings by Angre has been tainted with underworld money.