Truth is eternal. This website is designed by journalists Ketan Tirodkar [India], Beverely North [U.S.A.] and Natalie Twose [U.K.]. It is dedicated to the most powerful woman of the world; namely Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Aim is to spread a feeling of dedication and real patriotism among the Indians who are in recent years being misguided into the wrong notions of patriotism by some opportunists who are out to divide this secular nation into parts and pieces.

Vandan karto ha desh Annie Beasant ani Saint Meerabai hyanna, jyanni janmane British asunhai, Bhartachya swatantra ladhyas saath dili. Ha desh vandan karto Sir Allan Hume hyanna jyanni Congresschi sthapna karun Bhartiyaanna ek platform dila. Vandan karto aamhi Smt. Emilie Bose hyaanna jyanni I.C.S service cha tyag karnarya Subhashchandraanna WARMALA ghatli. Janmaane nawhe tar karmaane Bhartiya asnarya pratyek Sonia Gandhi la ha desh vandan karto.Pravahachya viruddhdha wahanarya pratyek Kiran Bedi, Meera Borvankar aani Swati Sathye la aamhi vandan karto anhi prarthana karto ki aamchya ayushyatli urleli varsha aani sukha tyaana de.

India salutes Annie Beasant and Saint Meerabai who fought for India's freedom. We salute Sir Allan Hume who founded Congress to give Indians a platform for initiating freedom struggle. We salute Mrs. Emilie Bose who married Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who had sacrificed the Indian Civil Services career for India's freedom strggle. So do we salute Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who proved to be a true Indian, not by birth but by her act. We pray to the Almighty for her long life.


Born in 1946 in Italy, she met her spouse Rajiv Gandhi in Cambridge university, UK. While Rajiv flew for Indian Airlines, Sonia stuck to the homeground serving her mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi the great. A dedicatedly secular Indira who grew under the patronage of her father Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi; got more fond of this Italy-born daughter-in-law than Menaka Sanjay Gandhi. While Menaka displayed political ambitions like her husband Sanjay Gandhi, Sonia was playing a perfect Indian Bahu.

Twist of Fate--1

Sanjay Gandhi, the most obvious successor of his mother's political legacy, died in an aircrash just months after Congress regained power in 1980 and the fate of Sonia took a twist. Rajiv alighted from the Indian Airlines craft and boarded a direct flight to Amethi, his brother's parliamentary constituency. Within three years India's politics took a violent turn and so violent that the most powerful political leader India had after Mahatma Gandhi; namely, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, fell pray to the cowardice act of two of her own security guards.

31st October, 1984 was a point of no return for Sonia's husband Rajiv who was abruptly sworn-in as India's Prime Minister. A political novice and more of a gentle corporate executive, Rajiv faced many revolts, backstabs till Congress lost power in 1989.

Twist of Fate--2

1991 saw a popularity wave for Congress all over the nation and Rajiv was slated to come back as the Prime Minister when destiny gave a tragic twist to Sonia's fate. Her husband Rajiv was killed by a suicide bomber of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam. Sonia lost her husband and India its most popular political leader.

Sonia and her two children kept out of politics. Congress wooed her time and again but Sonia did not budge. The part was almost sinking. Then Prime Minister Narsinha Rao and other part veterans like Sitaram Kesari, Jitendra Prasad were not positive to the widow of their late party chief.

Time came when Sonia became the need of the hour. With Narsinha Rao becoming the first former prime minster to be arrested on corruption charges, Congress party veterans like Arjun Singh, Sharad Pawar and others pleaded with Sonia to take over the party reigns. Sonia entered politics to save her huge family; namely,  the Congress.


Ultimate success

Learning Hindi was easier for Sonia than learning politics. The same people who requested her to take over the party disapproved of her staking claim for the Prime Minister's post. Sharad Pawar, P.A. Sangma and Tariq Anwar formed Nationalist Congress Party on the issue of Sonia becoming Prime Minster. Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party went to the extent of stating that even children whose parents are not Indians sholud not enter politics. Reference was being made to the entry of Rahul and Priyanka, Sonia's children into politics.

Indian voters did not find logic in the foreign origin issue raised by Sonia's opponents. Even Sharad Pawar dropped the issue and joined hands with Congress. BJP not only lost power but suffered heavy setbacks as its stalwarts lost the elections. Sonia got elected from Rai Bareaily, the constituency of her mother-in-law Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi made his political debut from Amethi, late Rajiv Gandhi's constituency. All the secular parties shared a common platform over the issue of forming the new government under Sonia Gandhi's leadership.

Exactly 20 years after the tragic assasination of Mr. Gandhi, another Mrs. Gandhi is on the way to head the nation. Unfortunate conicidence is that both had lost their husbands.